Robo Hack (1.2)
Server name: Robo Hack
Version: 1.2
Different versions: None
Tested: Yes, on Windows 95 and Windows NT
Server size: 24K
Server files: Robo-Serv.exe
Server icon:

Infects: Windows 95/98/NT/ME
Autloads: No
Default port: 5569 TCP
Can port be changed: No

Server Features

  • Close ICQ 
  • Open 20 different ports that can be connected to 
  • Open web browser 
  • Open/Close Cd-Rom 
  • Send Message  
  • Send to URL 
  • Shutdown/Logoff 
  • Start Config.sys in notepad 
  • Start Dos prompt 
  • Start Regedit 
  • Start Sysedit 
  • Start WinIP.cfg 
  • System monitor  

Robo Hack 1.2 was created by the old Hack City (which means it sucks). This trojan has a few features but does not actually infect and it was created in Visual Basic.

How To Remove 
Quick fix: no quick fix programs
Manual removal: 

  1. Reboot the computer or close robo-serv.exe 

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